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Elder Council 69, is the result of a merger that took place on August 30, 1966 between Chicopee Council 69 and Elder Council 927 of Chicopee Falls.

Chicopee Council 69

On March 23, 1893, twenty-seven Catholic men of Chicopee, with the help of Springfield's Home City Council 63, united together to form the sixty-ninth Council of the Knights of Columbus in the United States. Cornelius J. Driscoll served as the first Grand Knight of the Council and held meetings in the old Forester's Hall on Springfield Street. As time progressed and membership grew, the desire for permanent quarters proved a reality. On August 13, 1919, the Home Association was incorporated with John E. Granfield serving as president, and on September 1st the Association purchased the St. Joseph's Temperance Hall at a cost of $5,000.00. The Council meetings were later held in the Starzyk Building in Chicopee Center until 1937 when the Council purchased quarters on Lemuel Avenue. Council 69 remained in these quarters until the merger with Elder Council 927.

Elder Council 927

The institution of Elder Council 927 took place on December 19, 1904. Most of the charter members were formerly from the Chicopee Council, but with the growth of the Falls membership  in  Council 69, it was felt that one should be organized for the Falls area. Frank J. Shea was the first Grand Knight of this Council with its headquarters secured over King's Drug Store. The Council moved to Dunn's Block on the south side of Main Street and again because of rapid expansion to a block on Church Street constructed by Frank J. Shea.

Elder Council 69

From the time that Elder Council 927 was formed the two Councils carried on the ideals of Knighthood individually until 1966 when merger committees were formed in each Council. In June of 1967, after the successful merger of the two Councils into Elder Council 69, the present premises were purchased.

Knights of Columbus


Father Michael J. McGivney
The founder of the Knights of Columbus



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